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Small but Mighty Remote Control Car Pulls Full Size Truck, Seemingly With Ease!

As the world of remote control vehicles has evolved over the years, we have definitely seen some pretty crazy creations come to life. Whether it’s in replicating the real world or doing something that the real world can’t, the scaled-down monsters can definitely be something worthy of attention. This time, we check in with a monster that goes by the name of the “Primal Raminator.” For the mini monster truck to prove it’s worth, the machine is really put to the test here and doing something that we wouldn’t expect out of any remote control vehicle!

In order to prove it’s worth, this tiny little monster flexes its muscles just a little bit. After being hooked up with a tow strap to a full-size Dodge Ram, the mini monster does the seemingly impossible. We’re sure that this tiny little RC can’t weight all that much. However, that doesn’t stop it from digging down deep, making the most of the torque available to pull the full-size truck! It’s rather crazy how much traction the small but mighty machine is able to grab here.

This is one that some might be quick to call fake. However, from the way the truck starts rolling away, it looks pretty real to us.

Who knows? A little remote control car like this might even be useful beyond being a plaything after watching it use its muscle here. Perhaps, something like this could even be useful as a tool around a farm or a workshop. It certainly would take the liberty of making a day at work a lot more fun if remote control vehicles could be able to be implemented into the workday somehow.

By following along with the video below, we get a very unique display that shows a remote control truck that truly comes to life!