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Smart Cars Don’t Work Very Well in the Snow

If you find the need to buy a Smart Car, they most certainly do have their purpose and they serve that purpose well. If getting around in an incredibly compact vehicle that isn’t going to cost much or use too much fuel is the goal, then this car might be the one for you.

However, if this video is any indication of how the Smart Car performs in the snow then maybe, just maybe, you might want to stay away from such a vehicle if wintry driving is a part of your regular routine.

In this one, we follow along on a snow-covered road as a dash cam is rolling and fixed on a Smart Car that ends up having some pretty bad luck. We watch as the car goes around a curve and before we know it, slides into the snow, continuing into the oncoming lane of traffic before colliding with another car.

From the looks of things, the short wheelbase of the car really didn’t even give this guy a chance as he went sliding into quite the damage filled ride.

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