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Genius Navigation Device Just Made Motorcycle Riding a Lot Safer

When it comes to riding a motorcycle, focus is definitely of the essence. As it’s a pretty dangerous platform when you consider all of the other vehicles on the road that are much bigger and more dominant than you, you want to make sure that you have your wits about you because you never really know when another driver is going to be playing on their phone or potentially doing something else to take their eyes off of the road and could end up putting you, the motorcycle rider, in a bad situation. This is a responsibility that shouldn’t necessarily fall on the back of a motorcycle rider but a lot of times it just does.

Therefore, when you start to think about something like navigating using all of the latest technology, it would make sense to make sure to have these methods be the most intuitive version of navigation that you possibly can. If you’re using something like a cell phone to navigate, while you can keep an eye on it without dedicating your full attention to the device, there can tend to be a lot of things going on on your phone screen that might be distracting, potentially putting you in a position that you don’t want to be in. However, we just so happened to stumble across a device while browsing the internet that has a couple of new features and really simplifies the way that a motorcycle rider can ride safely.

Follow along down in the video below and you’ll be able to join in with a device that goes by the name of “Beeline Moto,” a device that links together with your smartphone and can make navigating a lot simpler, including a neat feature that doesn’t necessarily give you turn by turn directions but instead, a general compass that could lead you toward your destination if you want to be a little bit more free to enjoy your ride and not have to worry about being confined to a specific set of directions.