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Snow Biking With Ronnie Renner In The Backcountry

Posted by: Morgan Buniel on December 14, 2015

Snow Biking With Ronnie Renner In The Backcountry

When somebody was really into motocross and wanted to take the sport to the snow, they decided to take  route outside of the traditional snowmobile approach to conquering the icy white powder.

In order to bring this sport to the slightly colder environment, a regular motocross bike would be broken down and reassembled except this time with a snowmobile track in the back and a ski in the front.

The result of these Frankenstein creations is pretty interesting to watch as riders from all over the place use these snow monsters to blitz their way into the ultimate form of entertainment.

Check out the video below that shows off the snow biking craziness and will make you want to hop on board one of these things as soon as you possibly can.


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