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High-Tech Redneck Engineering, Boat Propelled by Dirt Bike Tire

You know they say… Well, actually this time I’m not really sure what they say in relation to this kind of the situation.

However, what we do see here is a lot of fun to watch it looks like somebody got creative with it, taking their thoughtfulness to Lake Arizona as the creator behind this contraption put together multiple factors that most people would probably guess wouldn’t work but, to our surprise, actually ends up painting quite a picture. Honestly, we give props to this individual for going out there and trying their own thing, coming through somewhat successfully in their ventures.

This time, the multiple objects combined together were a butchering between a boat hull and a motorcycle. Combine this with the need for aquatic speed and you can see where it’s all going, well, maybe. This individual decided to hack up a boat and instead of putting a decent size engine on it, instead, that they would use the back half of a dirt bike in order to propel this thing forward. It looks kind of funky, but I guess that it works, especially when this thing goes wide-open and manages to get together a little bit of speed. Don’t get us wrong, I don’t think it will be winning any sort of race anytime soon but it certainly is a lot of fun to spectate, that’s for sure.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to check out this redneck inspired contraption that puts together a bunch of parts were probably laying around the yard and uses them in one cohesive unit that might be fun to try out. After seeing something like this, there’s certainly no telling with this creator’s is capable of and what he’s going to think up next with a mind that seems to make the best out of anything.