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Some Of The Most Extreme Cars On Display At The Geneva Auto Show

When auto show season comes around, we tend to get incredibly excited. As the shows progress in scope, we get more and more releases that we’ve been waiting to hear on. Finally, the time has come where the specific stats start to fill out and we even get to see what some of the highly anticipated cars are going to look like. After all, automotive companies do a really good job of teasing us and not revealing the exact design of some of these cars until the auto shows are ready to present them.

This time, we get to take a ride around the Geneva Auto Show, one of the most exotic auto shows in the entire world. What a host like Shmee, we know that his keen eye and knowledge of the industry is going to go a long way toward giving us the best look at the show we possibly can get. Even though we’ve seen a lot of the releases like the Bugatti that cost more than any new car ever before and the Koenigsegg Jesko, Shmee seems to be ready to deliver us to some of the cars that we might not have caught. There’s carbon fiber everywhere! Each one of these machines seems to have something really special offer that gets that itch for adrenaline scratched.

By following along with the video below, we take a trip inside of Geneva to see what’s what. After seeing this one, we have the feeling that most people are going to want to start saving their pennies. Some of these cars really give a sensory whirlwind of an experience that makes us want to go for a drive ourselves. After following along with some of the best that Geneva has to offer, be sure to tell us which among these vehicles you find to be the most attractive.

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