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Some Of The Wildest Passes In NHRA Pro Mod History

When it comes to sportsman classes in the NHRA, there are none wilder or more exciting than Real Pro Mod, or RPM, Pro Modified.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of sportsman racing; I am the rare fan that can sit and watch Super Comp and Super Gas drivers tighten up the stripe to a couple of thousandths of a second, and I love watching Top Sportsman and Top Dragster. Comp Eliminator, with it’s complex system of index-per-combination and handicap starts, is one of the coolest classes in all of drag racing, but when it comes to outright excitement, Pro Mod takes the cake.

In this Wild Wednesday video from NHRA, we get a look at just a few of the reasons why so many fans have adopted Pro Mod as their favorite class as well. From insane wheelstands with near-miss wall taps to outright crashes into both walls, these guys know every time they launch, things could take a terrifying turn.

As if the show itself isn’t exciting enough, Pro Mod as a class has the good fortune of having Brian Lohnes, one of my favorite people on the entire planet, doing the announcing. Lohnes combines his smooth tone with quick thinking and an extensive vocabulary to literally describe the action as it unfolds, keeping pace with the action as the cars push, and exceed, the boundaries of traction and physics.

Between the huge horsepower levels and edge-of-control action and the excellent commentary, how could anybody not fall in love with this class. Just hit the play button below and watch as these guys take you on a seat of your pants ride down the 1320. I have a feeling if you watch this, you’ll find yourself heading the the stands when you hear them call for Pro Mod next time you find yourself at an NHRA event.