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Someone Crammed a V8 Into a Snowmobile… Would You Ride it?

I’m not sure how long I’d be able to hang on, but I’d like to think I could handle a ride on this hot rod snowmobile, at least until the rowdy small block crammed in the front end pitched me off. I’m honestly left with more questions than answers after watching this, but maybe you guys can help me out with some of these questions.

The first and most obvious question: Why?! Besides the obvious, and perfectly acceptable, answer of “Because I can,” there doesn’t really seem to be any good reason to cram a V8 into the nose of this sled. But like I said, one really doesn’t always need a reason, other than to see if it’s actually possible, and we’ve obviously answered that question.

My next question is “How will it handle”. Snowmobiles are usually powered by relatively small Rotax engines or some other similar inline four cylinder setup. This small block Chevy has to weigh close to double what the stock powerplant weighed, and that will significantly throw off the balance, but if it’s just being driven in a straight line, like a drag race, for instance, then it may not matter too much. If anything, the added weight on the nose may help to keep the nose on the ground during hard acceleration.

And finally, I need to know who is going to be the first person to step up and ride this thing to see just how it behaves. While the engine doesn’t sound too highly modified, even a mild 350 can easily crank out 400 horsepower, well over double that of the most powerful production snowmobile engine ever produced, which makes an impressive 177 horsepower.

With all these questions yet to be answered, we hope there are some follow up videos that address these questions and answer them for us. Besides, what good is building a small block powered sled if you aren’t going to drive the dang thing?

Our kind of Snowmobile!

Now this is our kind of snowmobile. Why not just stuff a V8 in everything right?VC: Rodney Dragan

Posted by Carmmunity on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

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