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Someone Shot a Firework into This Classic Mustang… The Results Are Saddening

We need your help, Speed Society fans. We know you guys share a lot of the articles we post because they’re cool, funny, or just plain awesome, but we NEED you to share this one to help bring a scumbag to justice and hopefully help a young man get some answers about what happened to his beloved Mustang.

You see, this Mustang is the most cherished object in the world to Nino Welcome, a young man of only seven years who has already dealt with more than most of us in his short time here on Earth. Young Mr. Welcome has a condition called Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, which affects his mobility and speech, meaning he most likely will never drive a car by himself. However, that hasn’t dampened his love of hotrods, nor did it stop his grandfather from gifting him a ride of his own earlier this year.

Nino has always had a soft spot for his grandfather’s 1970 Mach 1 Mustang, so in May, for his birthday, Nino was given the car, which quickly became his most prized possession. His dad, Brett, takes him for rides in the car often, keeping Nino in touch with his inner gearhead despite his difficulties. His young face lights up each time they take the car out for a spin, moments which also bring father and son closer over their shared love of cars. However, somebody out there with no heart and no respect for others decided to do something that would ultimately destroy Nino’s beloved Mach 1 all in the name of, we can only assume, juvenile mischief.

Early Thursday morning, a neighbor heard some cracking sounds coming from the Welcome residence. A few moments later, Nino’s beloved Mustang had erupted in flames, apparently the target of an arsonist with a handful of fireworks and nothing better to do with his time. The car doesn’t appear to be a total loss, but will require a great deal of time and work to return it to is previous condition.

Police have no suspects at the time but hopefully if we can help spread the word, somebody out there will have heard something about this and can get in touch with the proper authorities. In the meantime, if you’d like to assist the Welcome family in the rebuild effort, a GoFundMe has been started to help with the cost. You can donate here!