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Spectacular Crash Sends Street Outlaw 20 Feet in the Air

The exhilaration of hurtling down a drag strip at mind-boggling speeds is undeniably electrifying, but it comes with its fair share of risks. Every race, no matter how meticulously planned, carries the potential for disaster. One slight misstep, one moment of miscalculation, and the consequences can be catastrophic—not just for the vehicle, but for the driver behind the wheel.

Recently, the fickle roulette wheel of fate dealt a harrowing blow to Brandon James as the ball fell upon his number, a familiar face to fans of “Street Outlaws.” During a pass down the strip at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, James found himself in a perilous predicament as the front end of his car began to lift around the 660-foot mark. What followed was a heart-stopping spectacle as momentum and wind resistance conspired to launch the car airborne.

Witnesses on the scene estimated the car soared to heights of approximately 20 feet before gravity reclaimed its hold, sending the vehicle crashing back to earth with bone-jarring force. Miraculously, James managed to deploy the parachute just in time, mitigating the impact to some extent.

He took to Instagram to explain what happened, saying “Well I applied for my pilots license yesterday. Unfortunately they told me the landing wasn’t “soft” enough, I guess I won’t be flying myself to races this year. ‍♂️ #spiritairlines✈️”

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Below, we check in with the footage that shows us what happened on that scary day at the track. Videos like this really speak to the importance of safety equipment in race cars as it most certainly has saved a number of injuries and even lives.

A wreck like this could’ve gone worse if it wasn’t for all of the modern safety protocols in place these days. Photo credit – malloryelizabethphotography

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