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Speed Camera Issues Tickets for 1 MPH Over

The ethics and effectiveness of certain modern policing measures have come under fire recently. When receiving a red light ticket or a speeding ticket, most drivers aren’t thrilled. Nobody is happy about any driving infraction, but getting one from a camera instead of a real police officer adds insult to injury.

In this instance, YouTube lawyer Steve Lehto delves into a situation highlighting the controversial nature of these camera-issued tickets. In Virginia, drivers have been ticketed for going as little as 1 mph over the speed limit, according to a story. The County police have relayed that while these situations exist, the tickets have been issued in error.

Even though real-life police officers make mistakes and sometimes issue tickets that maybe they shouldn’t, in a situation like this, one wonders how many people might be paying fines for tickets issued completely by accident. It also brings into question how much of an accident it really is. Sending out tickets like this and calling it an accident could theoretically be one way to raise a little bit of revenue without turning too many heads.

When push comes to shove, paying a ticket for going 1 mph over the speed limit seems utterly ridiculous, especially when considering the margin of error associated with speed monitoring equipment.

This situation sheds light on the potential for malfunction at play. As our host argues, while police officers might make errors occasionally, it’s highly unlikely that a police officer would issue a ticket for such a minor speed infraction. Instances like this also raise concerns about the reliability of the equipment used and how much autonomous tech should be involved in policing. As technology continues to infiltrate policing, it begs the question of how many other mistakes are being made and how much time and money these errors could cost potentially innocent individuals.