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Beyond The Build Season 3 Episode 1

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time again.

With our last winner taking home the Dodge Challenger Hellcat known as “Hulcat,” it’s time for another beast of a machine to be given away. We definitely find a special connection with every car that makes its way to one of our lucky fans. It’s definitely hard to not get excited by some of the machines that we end up giving away.

This time, we see more of that and then some. The latest generation of Cadillac CTS-V is really a machine to be admired. However, we couldn’t help but give it a little bit of special treatment. After all, we want these giveaway cars to end up being something special.

In this one, we kick off the third season of Beyond the Build. In this rendition, we get to follow along with the progress of the supercharged third-generation luxury muscle machine. Yet again, the car is heading off to Vengeance Racing, one of the most dominant LS shops in the country to receive a little bit of special treatment.

As we roll into another season, we learn a little bit more about what Vengeance is all about. In this one, first, we get to stop by the shop and see how meticulous they are with every build. Then, we get the opportunity to see what kind of magic they’re going to make with this particular CTS-V.

When all is said and done, the package should make a little bit over 700 hp to the rear wheels. That’s some serious muscle!

Check out the full build sheet HERE! 

This is all done with the help of Vengeance’s “Stage 5” package which will be pushing more air and keeping things even cooler. By following along with the first episode of season 3 below, we get the inside scoop on how exactly that’s going to happen.

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