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When Splitting Lanes Goes Horribly Wrong

When Splitting Lanes Goes Horribly Wrong

When you hop on a motorcycle and get that feeling of freedom, some folks let it go to their heads. Just because you’re faster than mostly everybody on the road doesn’t mean that you’re invincible as well. This biker learned that lesson the hard way.

Watch as the rider zooms through traffic and falls victim to a car that was merging into another lane. The rider doesn’t have enough time to react because he’s going far too fast.

As a result, he crashes into the back of the car, sending him flying off of his bike. Luckily he only broke his wrist and no other injuries were sustained. This could have been much worse!

Check out the video below as this guy’s ride ends badly! It’s a shame that guys like this give the motorcycle community as a whole a bad reputation because they want to act out.

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