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Spraying a Rental Car With Nitrous Might Not be the Best Idea that These Guys Ever Had

If you’ve ever headed out and thought that it would be a good idea to look at a used rental car to purchase as your own personal vehicle, I would think that videos like this would deter you from doing anything of the sort. With all of the time abused and different drivers that these cars have experienced, there’s bound to be someone who was driving it like a stolen or even worse!

This time, we check out a couple of guys who seem to have rented a car and decided that they wanted to throw a little bit of nitrous into the mix to see exactly how far they can take the car before it decided to call it quits. I’m not sure how they went into this expecting anything less than pure destruction.

In either case, the game they’re playing is going to determine exactly if a little hint of spray would be able to help the performance of their rental at all. It looks like they really have quite the homemade system in place and to say that this thing isn’t safe would probably be a pretty big understatement. I guess that’s what makes it so interesting to watch.

As the driver would accelerate, he looked to his passenger to open up the nitrous bottle, a very backwoods scenario indeed, and when the spray would finally hit, they would find out that it was way too much for the car to handle as it would blow a hole right through the side of the intake manifold. Let’s just hope that these guys paid for the insurance to back up that damage they just inflicted.


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