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Spraying Nitrous into a Twin Turbo Cummins, Professional Ghetto Fog!

For some folks, they simply use the dyno as a measurement of power to see exactly where their car sits in terms of power output and others will use it as a tuning mechanism to try and get more power out of their abilities with a wrench and sometimes a keyboard.

However, this time, we check out a group of people who appear to be chasing down a third objective in getting the chart at the end of this pull to read as high as humanly possible and they’re even willing to bring in some reinforcements to help them achieve that goal.

The method is quite unconventional as this twin turbo Cummins powered truck hits the rollers and begins to make its statement of power. As the guy behind the wheel lays into the throttle and the turbo begins to spool, that’s where the man standing in front of the truck with a nitrous bottle comes into play, opening up the tap and letting the nitrous flow through the turbo!

Now, I’m no expert on spraying nitrous directly into a turbo but the display would lead you to believe that these guys are looking to keep the temperatures down to get the results that they want! The only thing for sure here is that that guy standing in front of the truck while doing a pull like that has to be certified insane, especially with the amount of torque these things make! Check out the video below and tell us what you think of a display like this.