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Sprint Car Racer Drop Kicks Opponent After Being Flipped Over

This past Friday’s Indiana Sprint Week opener for the USAC Non-Wing Sprint Car Series had an unexpected twist that certainly drew a lot of attention.

As it turns out, in forms of racing where cars can collide with one another, tempers can tend to flair. Differences of opinion can go from a simple conversation all the way to physical violence depending on just how volatile the driver’s tempers are.

This time, when racers CJ Leary and Robert Ballou got together, let’s just say that things were certainly far from civil.

As the clip below from FloRacing shows, Leary was attempting to make his way around a turn when fellow competitor, Robert Ballou, made a move that Leary didn’t see as being clean. The result of the collision that ensued with Leary’s car rolling over in the dirt.

Following the incident, it didn’t appear as if Leary was just going to let this one go. As the cars stopped, he exited his machine, fortunately appearing to be uninjured after the crazy wreck. What happens next, though, seems to be the result of Leary absolutely seeing red.

Down in the video below, we watch as the driver marches straight toward his competitor’s car before security has an opportunity to intervene. Apparently, things were simply beyond words for the driver as he would immediately start attacking his competitor who was still strapped in and sitting in his car.

After a few swift kicks to the Ballou, security would swoop in and break things up. However, we have to say that the pot most certainly boiled over in this particular situation.

After checking in with the situation for yourself and following along with the video below, be sure to tell us what you think of this wreck. Was it simply an aggressive racing move that was overreacted to or was Ballou’s move crossing a line?

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