Standout NFL Rookie Buys Parents Cars After Breakout Games

It almost seems like the ultimate goal to be able to become incredibly successful and ...

It almost seems like the ultimate goal to be able to become incredibly successful and buy your parents all kinds of nice things. The showing of gratitude isn’t necessarily exclusive to this particular situation. Instead, we see a pretty cool phenomenon that has lots of athletes truly wanting to give back to those who have given so much to them. It’s a pretty neat standard to set and creates an awesome role model as some of the world’s biggest stars show that it’s cool to be grateful.

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This time, the athlete in question is none other than Chase Claypool. The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver has proven to be a rookie stand out. His performance so far this year has shown that maybe teams should’ve taken a closer look at him in the first round. Instead, Claypool would slide to the second round, being taken with the 49th overall selection. However, his second-round status doesn’t really seem to mean much to him as he has made quite the impact, even dropping a four-touchdown game against the Philadelphia Eagles this year.

Claypool seems to be one of the professional athletes these days that has a growing social media presence. One of the cool things about watching sports in 2020 is that many athletes will show us their life behind the scenes as well. In this particular YouTube video, Claypool takes the chance to give his parents a gift that he says he has been waiting to give them since he was six years old.

Now that Claypool has achieved professional athlete status, he was able to head to the dealership and pick up a couple of rides for mom and dad. The video below shows off the moment that all of the hard work and planning come together! The moment is one that can surely put a smile on your face!

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