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Remote Start FAIL – DON’T Start your Car IN GEAR!

Remote Start FAIL – DON’T Start your Car IN GEAR! 

Whether you are looking to warm up your car in the middle of winter or just start it from your house to get the fluids moving before driving it, a remote start system can be very handy.

This time, however, in this BigKleib34 video, we see what appears to be a parody of what might happen if you decide to start your Chevrolet Corvette with such a device while it’s left in gear.

Normally, you might expect the car to lurch forward and maybe roll a few feet, but instead, this time the car not only moves forward, but takes off and bangs a few gears as well.

Talk about freak out, we would’ve been running faster than the fastest Olympic sprinter if that happened our car. That’s an all new level of adrenaline!

At one point, it looks almost like some nitrous kicked in or something as the car rolled away with its owner chasing a few steps behind.

Check out the video below for yourself and prepare to laugh. Even though something this extreme probably won’t happen if you remote start your car in gear, we still wouldn’t recommend trying this one at home.





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