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Starting a Formula 1 Car After 12 Years of Hibernation! Sounds Good!

Formula 1 cars represent the pinnacle of automotive technology. They are the most advanced cars on the planet and, aside from drag racing and land speed cars, are the fastest cars ever built. The fact that they can hit 220+ MPH in the straightaway, brake from those speeds in less distance than it takes your daily driver to brake from 40 MPH, and run through a turn at double the speed of the most nimble sports car shows just how well-balanced and precise these car are.

With that precision comes durability, as evidenced by this video, which shows a crew firing up a retired F1 car that has been sitting over a decade. With little more than a fresh battery and a can of ether, the car fires up and actually idles pretty smoothly for a car that’s been sitting for 12 years. There’s a little smoke and a lot of noise, but the car hardly misses a beat after it roars to life.


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