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Steel Bed Outperforms Aluminum Bed

Chevrolet and Ford have been duking it out for years with the attempt of one-upping the other guys and sell you a couple of more trucks, muscle cars, family sedans, or whatever it is that you’re in the market for.

This time, Chevy is coming at Ford F-150 hard with one of their latest tests that puts the bed strength of the aluminum Ford up to task.

After some construction bricks are dropped in the bed, a couple of folks are left to see the carnage. A couple of dents in the Chevy remained, but the Ford, on the other hand, suffered punctures through the bed!

Now, it isn’t every day that you’re dropping bricks into the truck from up high? But what happens when you “accidentally” drop an empty toolbox in the bed? You might just be surprised to see the answer to that one.

We know that this test is put on by Chevy but the results are kind of hard to deny. What do you think of the test at hand here?