fb-pixel ‘The Icon’ world’s first all-glass flying yacht, BMW
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‘The Icon’ world’s first all-glass flying yacht, BMW

It’s always refreshing when our favorite manufacturers break away from the ordinary and embark on unique endeavors.

In the realm of automobiles, monotony often prevails, with a surge in the production of rather mundane crossover vehicles over the past couple of years. Yes, we’re pointing at the endless row of similar crossovers that have become a fan favorite over the past couple of years. How could any gearhead love that trend?

However, every so often, manufacturers manage to captivate our attention with projects that either ooze excitement or introduce a level of innovation that demands a second look.

This time around, it’s BMW that has surprised enthusiasts by venturing into uncharted territory, collaborating with boat maker Tyde to create what is being hailed as the world’s first flying glass yacht.

Inside and out, this luxury electric boat boasts futuristic designs and top-of-the-line luxurious finishes. The result is an ultra-modern lounge room that seamlessly transitions onto the water, offering occupants a 360° panoramic view of the surrounding scenery through its glass walls.

The crowning glory and primary point of attraction lie in the fact that this boat rests on foils. As the vessel gains momentum, it gracefully lifts out of the water, creating the illusion of a flying yacht. What sets these foils apart is their ability to reduce energy consumption by an impressive 80%. For an electric-powered vessel, concerns about battery life and range are the biggest for anyone making the EV consideration. Thankfully, the clever integration of foils beneath the boat allows it to maximize its charge efficiently.

In essence, this creation brings together the epitome of luxury and cutting-edge technology in a way we’ve never witnessed before. Undoubtedly, this is a one-of-a-kind vessel, as featured by SupercarBlondie, pushing the boundaries of conventional design and engineering, offering a unique fusion of extravagance and innovation.

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