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Steve Torrence Goes Full WWE After Race, Met With Sea of Boos in Second Straight Championship

Steve Torrence Goes Full WWE Follows It Up With Second Straight Championship

In this one, we have not just one but a collection of 3 videos below that help tell the whole story. Make sure that you catch them all!

Drag racing is certainly a sport that involves a lot of passion. Just because the competition isn’t physical isn’t to say that drivers aren’t out there with their full heart invested in what they’re doing. Because of this, sometimes, things might just so happen to boil over. When that happens, we never know how the reaction is going to take place.

The Story’s Background

Sunday at the Auto Club NHRA Finals at Auto Club Raceway at Pomona, that boiling point would be met for racer, Steve Torrence. The most unusual part about this situation is that Torrence seemed to be rather heated after victory. Normally, the person who gets upset is on the other side of the fence.

When Torrence and young gun, Cameron Ferre pulled up to the line, the drama would begin almost immediately. It appears as if Torrence wasn’t quite happy with the way that Ferre staged. In his own words, he said, “That kid right there ain’t got a chance and tries to play games.”

Essentially, he was alluding to the fact that he was in the chase for a championship and Ferre had no shot. It seems as if Torrence doesn’t believe this is the time for staging games. Torrence would continue that if “you want to act like a litte kid, you get treated like a little kid.”

This was moments before Torrence would walk over to Ferre and strike him in the face. In a part of Cameron Ferre’s quote following the race, he told reporters that he’s next-door neighbors with MMA fighter, Tito Ortiz, and he’s going to call him.


Set Up for a Championship Bye

In the scheme of things, the heated victory would set up Torrence to walk into victory lane by way of making it to the finish line during a later race. Win or lose, if he was able to keep it in his lane, he would go home as back-to-back Top Fuel Champion. That was exactly what he would do.

As the victory parade would head around the track, Torrence would receive his fair share of feedback from the fans. As we see below, the racer was met with a sea of boos. It appears as if not everyone was happy with his actions. After watching this one, which side are you on?