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Stevie Fast SMASHES Radial Record In Quickest Side-by-side Small Tire Pass in History!

The atmosphere was electric last night at WoooStock 2017, held at the historic Darlington Dragway as the final pairing for Radial vs the World rolled between the matching towers that provide the backdrop for the iconic South Carolina facility. Barry Mitchell and his beautiful blown 1969 Camaro had waited patiently while Stevie Fast and his crew had gone to the line to help J.R. Gray win his second big grudge race of the night. As soon as the win light came on in Gray’s lane, Jackson sprinted back to his trailer to join Mitchell in staging with his blown Camaro, a 2015 variant known as Shadow 2.0.

As the cars rolled into water box, the crowd around the starting line grew by the second, fans pouring in from all direction to catch a glimpse of the race they’d all come to see. Mitchell’s Camaro, a gorgeous glossy black machine that sits perfectly atop the 315 Mickey Thompson radials used to provide the insane amount of traction required for these cars to run into the 3.7 second zone, would be as competitive in any car show as it is a drag race. Jackson’s Camaro is a stark contrast, though it’s hardly ugly. More business-like in appearance, the Shadow wears a matte grey wrap with the sponsor decals in dark grey gloss vinyl, making them pop off the car when the light catches them, but otherwise they look, fittingly, like shadows. Both cars, however, were purpose built for radial racing and even before this race were the two quickest cars in the class’s history after laying down nearly identical 3.73’s at Lights Out 8 in February.

As the engines fired for the finale and the drivers completed their burnouts, the tension in the air continued to grow, as did the crowd behind the starting line. By the time the cars staged, they were blocked almost completely from view, despite my perspective from high atop the tower at the back of the left lane. All six amber lights on the tree illuminated for four tenths of a second, then green in both lanes sent the pair of swoopy Chevrolet’s hurtling toward the 660 foot timers. Stevie edged ahead of Mitchell as the pair crossed the strip and the scoreboards told the tale: 3.745 seconds for Mitchell to Stevie’s 3.717 with the green win indicator accompanying Stevie’s new world record.

Promoters Keith Berry, Lance Stanford, and Travis Harvey had delivered on their promise of a new radial record and closed their first event in spectacular fashion after putting on a great show all weekend. We are already looking forward to WoooStock 2018!