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Tesla P100D Enters No Prep Drag Race!

As shocking as it might have been at first, the guys over the Tesla Racing Channel have really made some pretty big strides with their various electric powered Teslas, building them up to be something that can be feared out on the drag strip. Who would’ve ever thought that someone would be afraid to line them up with an electric car?

This time, we check out exactly what happens when they decide to enter their Tesla P100D in a no prep drag race. A lot of the cars in this competition might appear to be more stout machines but this is really a driver’s race and with the Tesla having an all-wheel-drive system that works about the same every time, they could really have a considerable advantage here.

As we watch the video, we get more and more surprised as the electric vehicle managed to get deep into the no prep tournament, taking out various competitors and making it way further than anybody on hand probably would have ever decided to give this car credit for. It will make your jaw drop as yet another beefy racing machine gets crossed off of the list with each competition.

Did the car make it all the way to victory, though? Well, I guess that’s something that you’re going have to tune in down below to find out. Teslas might not be the fastest on race day but in a race of consistency, these things will get you every time! With that in mind, we are in no way, shape, or form, trying to say that these things are slow, either! Just watch below and you’ll understand exactly what we’re talking about.