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Stinnett Takes Small Block Radial Record, Qualifies #1 in Radial vs the World at No Mercy 8

For the better part of the past several years, Marty Stinnett has quietly been breaking records and running at the forefront of the radial world. Marty had the first 275-tired car to break into the 4.teens and was always a force to be reckoned with in the Outlaw 275 class. His mild mannered personality and clean but unassuming SN95 style Mustang allowed him to fly under the radar, and he always let his car do the talking for him. Stinnett crashed the 275 car off the top end at the notoriously short Holly Springs Dragway, ending his days on the smaller of the two most widely-used radials.

After taking some time off to heal up and get a plan together, Stinnett jumped into the primetime street tire class, Radial vs the World with yet another low-key hotrod, this time a Fox Body style platform. The change in classes would prove a test for Kentucky native Stinnett and his small, talented and loyal crew. With Jeff Burns providing the horsepower in the form of a twin turbo small block and Wade Hopkins from Southern Speed Racing handling the tuning duties. Marty brought the car out last year and laid down some great numbers, but ended up losing control when a stiff side wind caught the car as it cleared the finish line at SGMP last season and sent it spinning into the wall. Marty took the time to rebuild the car the right way and get everything exactly as it needed to be before returning to action, and the time and dedication paid off beautifully this weekend at Duck X Productions’ No Mercy 8.

Stinnett pulled the car out of the trailer and laid down a string of impressive runs in pre-race testing and qualifying, ending the final session as the #1 man on the ladder with a 3.751 at 196.16 MPH, the quickest time ever recorded by a small block-powered car on radials. Not only was the car insanely quick, it laid down consistent runs, and that’s a whole different level of accomplishment that deserves some serious applause. We send our congrats to Marty and his team for humbly stepping to the plate and driving one deep over the wall in center field.

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