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The Internet Remains Undefeated! Stolen Lamborghini SVJ Has Been Found!

Not too long ago, we met the story of a brightly colored Lamborghini that disappeared out of somebody’s driveway. Cars get stolen all the time. What was so special about this one machine? Obviously, the cost really comes into play here. After all, no Lamborghini is cheap. This is especially true with a limited-run Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. What was even more remarkable is that the criminals decided to steal one of the brightest, most obnoxious and simultaneously rare cars that they could get their hands on. Essentially, selling it would prove to be close to impossible. Nobody should steal anything, but it’s a downright idiotic move to steal something this recognizable.

Following the situation, video would begin to circulate around the web that showed off the criminals making away with the Lamborghini. Before long, they would be in and out of the property with the car. This would create a viral story. Several outlets including Rob Ferretti would publicly analyze the tape. We watched as he dove into it, showing us exactly what happened. It also allowed us to get a good glimpse at the car. We’re pretty sure that any car thief’s worst nightmare is their heist going viral.

By following along with the video below, we get the opportunity to catch up with what eventually happened to the car. It looks like these crooks thought that the goods were a little bit too hot and decided to abandon the car in the garage. The owner was pretty happy to have the machine back. However, it did come with its fair share of damage. I guess getting it back damaged was better than not getting it back at all. However, it might be quite expensive situation to get fixed.

We have no news in regards to who was behind the stolen vehicle. – superspeedersRob