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Street Outlaws Behind The Scenes – Farmtruck VS Murder Nova

Shawn has been working on getting the new Murder Nova on the list for a while now. However, he got quite the interesting welcome to the list when he lined up with the original Gatekeeper, Farmtruck, to try to earn his spot in the Top 10, actually losing the race to the much slower Farmtruck on a technicality. I’m going to let you go ahead and watch the video below, then come back up here and read the explanation.

It looks like Murder Nova absolutely slayed Farmtruck on the light and won easily, right? Well that’s not exactly how it went down, and the explanation lies in the angle this video was taken from.

You see, when Chief steps back and holds the light up, he usually presses the button as soon as his hand is at the top of the motion. He did the same this time, but the button failed, leaving the light dark. Murder Nova, seeing Chief’s arm raise, likely just jumped by instinct, only since the light itself didn’t come on, that’s an immediate disqualification. Meanwhile, Farmtruck managed to keep his cool and wait until the light did finally come on to leave, which gives him the win automatically based on Shawn leaving well before it came on.

This is definitely not the way Shawn wanted to arrive on the list, taking a loss to the Farmtruck, which we all know is the slower of the two rides. However, this is part of the reason they use a flashlight start to initiate these races, because you can easily determine a foul start. In this case, however, the foul was obvious to all because the light took so long to come on. The fair thing to do, since it was a mechanical failure of the starting light, would be to run the race again and hope the flashlight works as expected this time. That should give both drivers the chance to leave fairly and, if all goes according to plan, put the new Murder Nova on the list, where it too is likely to be an immediate threat to the top spot.