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Street Outlaws Chuck Takes This Win By A Fender!

One his way up the list, Chuck had to face some pretty stiff competition. One of the closest races of his journey came when he faced off with then-number one man Ryan Martin in the Fireball Camaro.

Racing on a chilly Oklahoma night, the pair lined up and fought and clawed their way to the finish line, neither having made a perfect pass but both laying down solid runs. When the call finally came in, it was Chuck and the Death Trap just nosing out the Fireball to claim the crown.

As we all know by now, Chuck would hang on to the top spot for the rest of the season, ending the year as the top man in the 405. He was unseated temporarily by Big Chief on this week’s episode, but regained the crown when he called Chief and the Crow back out and took the win the second time around.


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