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Street Outlaws “Monza” Has Scary Crash

Jerry “Monza” Johnston is no stranger to racing on sketchy surfaces or racing fast cars on the street. Long before he got his hands on this 1972 Split Bumper (His dream car) Jerry raced a nitrous-injected Monza on the streets of the 405, and wherever they traveled to race out of town races. Being a fixture at cash days, put on by “Limpy” from the Dallas area.

Jerry acquired his beloved Split Bumper Camaro in a trade with another fixture of the show, and street racing veteran Joe “Dominator” Woods when Joe needed help working on his car. It has been talked about multiple times how much Monza has invested into this beloved car, which is widely considered the best looking car on the TV show “Street Outlaws”, but it has also proven to be one of the fastest by reaching the coveted number 1 spot at the top of their list. Originally a nitrous combo with multiple variations of a big block, nitrous assisted power plants. Monza recently made the switch to a Pro-Line racing 481x stage to set up, and with Twin precision turbos. With the help of the guys at HPP racing, he was working his way up the list, and dialing in the car.

While racing veteran racer, and multiple time record holder in the import world Chuck Seitsinger piloting his twin turbo fox body Mustang known as “The Death Trap” Monza was caught being slow on the light, so he was holding the “Scramble button” which allows the car to make more boost when pushed. Monza was chasing Chuck down rapidly but lost the race. After the finish, things went south. Monza lost control of his car, crashing into a curb right in front of Chuck, and barrel rolled his car multiple times. Luckily Jerry was uninjured in the accident, as the money, and the time he spent on his safety equipment paid off. However, it didn’t stop his friends and family who watched from the starting line from shedding a tear.

We are happy to report Monza has since repaired the car, and is already back out racing.