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Street Outlaws New Orleans Star Goes For Wild Fiery Ride

Street Outlaws New Orleans Star Goes For Wild Fiery Ride

Sometimes, we see a sequence of events unfold on the track and it leaves us speechless. As we report these things, eventually, we have to come up with a backstory. However, in the moment, it’s hard to fathom what just unfolded in front of our eyes.

This was one of those events.

After catching wind of this one, we had to watch several times over to truly be able to absorb what happened. It’s really one of those once-in-a-lifetime situations that can take one’s emotions and put them on a roller coaster. Panic really set in after witnessing something that couldn’t have felt very good.

Naturally, the first thing that we had to wonder here, is if the driver was alright. From what we have gathered, the driver, Shannon Poole aka “Big Dookie” was fine after the fact aside from some soreness. After seeing the video, this really speaks volumes to modern safety equipment.

Apparently, Poole was just out and about, testing out his Chevrolet Corvette known as “Redbull.” Some might recognize the car from Street Outlaws: New Orleans.


After what seemed like a normal pass, everything would go awry in a hurry. As the front end of the car would lift into the sky, things escalated. Before long, the entire machine was off of the ground. It was at this point that Poole could do nothing but hold on and hope for the best.

As the car passed the scoreboards, it would go sideways before nosing over and smashing into the ground, nose-first.

We’ve seen some pretty gnarly wrecks happen out there on the drag strip. This one certainly falls into a category all its own, though. We aren’t quite sure that we’ve seen a machine catch the wind in quite that manner before.


The video can be seen below as captured by Drag Racing Dirty South Style. Luckily, Big Dookie is fine and will race another day!