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Street Outlaws Race For $200,000 In Bristol!

Last year, the Street Outlaws producers from Discovery Channel decided to put on a little race at a drag strip to see how the fans would react to their favorite street racers competing on the track. They planned it for a random weeknight at the iconic Thunder Valley Dragway in Bristol, TN and really didn’t even do much promoting of the event until a few days before.

Needless to say, I think everybody was shocked when the facility was quite literally flooded to the point that they were having to turn spectators away at the gate, despite the facility having the capacity to hold over 20,000 fans! With such a huge turnout, things shifted toward building the spin-off No Prep Kings, which follows many of the same racers we’ve seen on Street Outlaws, Street Outlaws New Orleans, and Memphis Street Outlaws as well as the biggest names in no prep as they tour the country competing for huge payouts and bragging rights.

However, the producers wanted to make the Bristol event something special, so they set up a return to Thunder Valley with a payout so big that it would bring every street and track racer to eastern Tennessee to take their shot at winning the purse and the pride that comes along with such a huge win.

The entrant’s list was literally a who’s who of the street racing and no prep worlds, with the biggest hitters coming to play and many lesser-known, but still highly-competitive, racers showing up as well. The purse would stand at $200,000 and even Mother Nature herself would make an appearance, throwing the racers a curveball in the form of off-and-on showers throughout the race to keep everybody on their toes.

We already know who won, but we can’t tell you just yet. You’ll have to tune in starting tonight, and find out for yourself who took home the biggest single-event payout in Street Outlaws history!

Photo credit – 405 Photo