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Street Outlaws Returns!

In a couple of days, the crew that started it all returns to breathe some life back into your Monday nights! This coming Monday, May 28th, Street Outlaws returns to the airwaves with an all new season, and if this teaser preview is any indication, it’s going to be a wild ride!

David “Bird” Jones, who we’ve seen on the show several times, is lined up for a race with Barry Nicholson in a battle of badass, big-inch, flame-throwing nitrous cars that, if all goes according to plan, should be a great race. Both Jones’ Night Moves racing Firebird and Nicholson’s Godfather Camaro have massive nitrous injected powerplants that are huffing huge shots of giggle gas and roll on big tires out back to put down as much of the horsepower as possible.

After a little background on their race, the cars line up and throw down, launching hard and staying close enough that the race could go either way. As Bird begins to pull out front, things take a literal turn for the worse for The Godfather when the suddenly loses traction and makes a hard turn into Jones’ lane. Barry is unable to reel the car in and can do nothing but hang on as wicked black Camaro exits the road and starts to barrel roll across the grassy area beside the street.

You can see the car being torn apart as it tumbles, with cameras inside and outside the car capturing the carnage in horrifying detail. The car comes to a stop, hardly recognizable as a car except for the roll cage, which did its job and protected Barry, leaving him with some injuries, but able to eventually return to action.

Tune in to Discovery Channel Monday night at 8pm eastern time to catch the first episode of the new season!


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