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Street Outlaws Scott Taylor vs Mike Murillo in Palm Beach Florida

Even though these two guys come from completely different worlds, they have a massive stack of race wins between them, and when they line up beside one another, they both can be counted on to bring their best effort and put on one hell of a race.

Mike Murillo is a fourteen time world champion in several classes with various sanctioning bodies, proving he can adapt to new rules and get the job done like a boss. Scott Taylor comes from the world of street racing, where they might not crown world champions, but he’s earned a ton of respect for also doing what it takes to get the win on the street, something that many would say is just as valuable as a world title.

When the two faced off for this race at historic Palm Beach International Raceway, everybody on the property knew it would be a killer race, and Murillo and Taylor did not disappoint.

Murillo, in his beloved Mustang known as LaFawnduh, and Taylor, behind the wheel of the famed John Doe Cutlass, both lay down nice smoky burnouts before rolling to the starting line to the throw down. The boosted engine in Murillo’s hotrod spools up to build boost, bumping into the beams where Taylor is waiting. The stage bulbs light, followed by a flash of amber, then green, sending both cars into the Florida night at a high rate of speed.

The cars are welded together door-to-door through the 1/8th mile, and the crowd holds their breath until the win light comes on in Murillo’s lane, declaring him the winner. Just like most every time these guys face off, the race could have gone either way, with the slightest mistake from either driver handing the win to the opposing car. That’s what makes these guys two of the most feared names in the no prep world.