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Street Outlaws Street Beast Doc VS Dominator at Redemption 6.0

Late in the 2016 season, many of the Street Outlaws stars joined many other notable no-prep racers at Tulsa Raceway Park to wrap up the season. This event featured some great races, one of which we have for you today, thanks to NXGONZO videos.

Doc, in his Street Beast Monte Carlo lined up with Dominator in his boosted Dodge Dart in a race that we could be seeing on Street Outlaws soon if Dominator continues to improve on his performance. The two line up and both have traction issues at the drop of the green light, but Dominator manages to get his hotrod to hook up better than Doc and pulls away to take the win. Had both cars had equal traction, this would have likely been a very close race, but racing the conditions is part of winning and Dominator earned this win light!

I do have a feeling Dominator is going to make a run at those ahead of him on the list when Street Outlaws returns for its 9th season on Discovery Channel. He’s getting a feel for his still relatively-new turbocharged combo and starting to make some impressive runs. When he and Doc line up on the street, though, rest assured the Street Beast will be set on kill and will not make it an easy climb.