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Street Outlaws Uncut – JJs Cash Days Doc VS Precious, Bigrob Entertainment

If you watched last nights awesome season 9 finale of Street Outlaws, you already know how this race went down. If you didn’t watch it and you have it recorded to watch on DVR, stop reading here, as there are spoilers ahead.

Memphis’ First Lady of the Streets, Precious came to JJ’s Armdrop Drags looking to jump on some of the biggest names in the 405. She got her wish when she lined up with Doc in the Street Beast Monte Carlo in the first round of big tire competition, but things didn’t go the way she had hoped. With none of their typical rules in place thanks to JJ’s old-school style format, Doc has to keep his eyes open for any games the Memphis crew might try to play. However, the out of town visitors raced pretty straight, though Precious’ car didn’t want to follow suit.

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As the cars left, Doc launched hard and straight into the Oklahoma night, and it’s a dang good thing because the Chevy II in the left lane took a hard right at the drop of the hammer, sending Precious on a ride toward Doc’s back bumper. Luckily he had made it out of her way and streaked to the win while she was forced to lift and watch the Street Beast take the win from the best seat in the house.