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This Female Racer Crazy Cart Battle is EPIC!

Our brothers from other mothers at Hoonigan have narrowed down their #hooniganswanted no-dudes-allowed driver search to the six finalists, and in todays Daily Transmission, we get to meet the ladies and watch them in action at Hoonigan HQ!

The first order of business for the finalists is a Crazy Cart race. Seems simple enough, but as with everything they do, the Hoons make things very interesting. Before sending the ladies through the twisty course that snakes its way on and off the dock, the crew gives them a few minutes behind the wheels of the carts, prophetically pointing out that Crazy Cart first timers always have near-misses with the edge of the dock.

As you might guess, it doesn’t take long for one of the ladies to get a little aggressive with her carting and go tumbling head first off the edge onto the asphalt below.

Luckily she was totally fine and, upon returning her to vertical orientation, the gang lined the ladies up for their big race. The three quick laps were action packed, each of the finalists fighting for the win. As the race concludes, we see the first three finishers, each of whom will have the advantage of choosing their shift when it comes time to head out on the road for the remainder of the competition, which we have to assume will start with the next Daily Transmission.


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