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Street Testing Session Goes Wrong When Left Turn Jumps Out of Nowhere, Causes Wreck

When you purchase a high performance car, the temptation to push its limits on the road is hard to resist. While spirited driving can be thrilling, it’s important to choose your moments wisely and consider safety at all times. Otherwise, it could be incredibly easy to end up in a situation that nobody wants to be in. Although doing the most spirited driving on the street is illegal, many of us have indulged in a burst of speed from time to time. Knowing when and where to unleash your car’s power comes with experience, which is why insurance companies often charge higher rates for younger drivers, particularly in high-performance vehicles.

In this story, we find ourselves spectating an unfortunate situation that highlights the importance of understanding when and where to harness your vehicle’s horsepower. This person violated several of the common sense rules of when not to open up the throttle to see what your car has got.

The context surrounding the incident is somewhat limited, but it appears that the driver wanted to experience a burst of speed in their car. While engaging in such activity in an isolated area might not be too problematic, things took a turn for the worse when the driver chose an unfamiliar, seemingly populated location. Not only that but the whole thing took place at night which certainly limited visibility as well.

In the video below, we witness spirited driving gone wrong. Fortunately, there were no pedestrians nearby when the driver approached an unsuspecting curve, causing the car to jump over a curb and crash into a parking lot, colliding with other vehicles. While such a mishap can be embarrassing and costly, it’s likely a lesson well learned, or so we hope.


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