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Submarine Sinks a Tugboat in the Middle of the Ocean

It might be hard to explain and have someone understand, but with a video like this, you can see just exactly how quickly things tend to happen out at sea and how, if you make it just a slightly wrong move at the wrong time, a complete catastrophe can unfold in a matter of just seconds.

From what we have gathered about this story, the tugboat in question here was pulling up to submarine in order to collect a member onboard the sub who had to go back to land due to a sudden family emergency but the situation would quickly spiral out of control beyond a place where even the perfect reaction could save the ship.

As the tug and submarine attempted the part ways, it appears as if the tugboat lost power, colliding with the submarine which punctured the tug, giving it only mere minutes before becoming fully submerged underwater. This is really a scary situation to watch unfold.

From what we’re told, this incident that took place in March 1986 took down two members with it to the bottom of the sea, may they rest in peace, while the rest of the folks onboard were able to hop off and swim to safety. With a video like this, you can really see how cautious you need to be when you’re out on the open water because even when everything is under control, danger can truly come from out of nowhere.