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10 Minutes of Tire Shredding Action From the Ultimate Burnout Contest in Australia

For those under the impression that we have the most impressive burnouts here in America, head down to Australia. They’ll really show off how it’s done. As someone who is incredibly proud of all the performance that we have managed to build here in the States, I think that it’s pretty easy to admit that we’ve been beaten down pretty hard when it comes to the art of the burnout.

Those guys and gals down under have entire events based around being able to kill tires on a skidpad. The result is a lot of fun to watch as cars push it to the edge. They’ll not only kill tires but also destroy other components in creating quite a show on their way to burnout supremacy.

This time, we tune in for the action as a variety of competitors chase down the goal of obtaining the smokiest burnout. The video starts out with American representation, in fact! Popular YouTuber, Cleetus McFarland is the first to step to the plate. His big block powered third-generation Camaro makes a strong showing to get things kicked off. From there, there’s a lot more smoke to come! We can’t help but be mesmerized as lots of unique and interesting creations hit the pad. It seems like each and every driver has the will to win as they all put on some incredible shows.

In the video below from StreetMachineTV, we check out what happens as the event unfolds. Simply doing burnouts sounds like a walk in the park. There are lots of curveballs to consider these sorts of builds though, which makes them that much more impressive. Keeping a car in that kind of crazy condition for such a long period of time is a feat to behold.

Which one of these wicked rides do you think to put on the best show?

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