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Super Laser removes rust from metal

When it comes to rust, nobody wants to see it on their parts unless you happen to be constructing a rat rod, in which case, a little bit of rest might be acceptable. For the vast majority, though, they would rather not see any at all.

This time, we check out a laser that does a pretty neat and even job of removing rust and it will make your eyes boggle at first sight. It’s pretty neat how, with one swipe, this machine can replace hours of sanding to get all that surface rust out of the way.

This machine is definitely as productive as it is mesmerizing. We could seriously sit here and watch this rust removal going for hours without even getting bored. Ok, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration but you get the point!

Check out the video below that shows the laser in action as it gets to cutting down that pesky rust and replacing it with the underlying shiny metal in an oh so satisfying swipe.