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Super Slow Motion Explosions WIth a Hydraulic Press

Many different objects have seen their demise at the hands of the hydraulic press as experiments have been all over the place in terms of what exactly those who control the press are crushing. It seems like each time, the results of the experiment get more and more interesting.

This time, we’re checking out a group of subjects that are rather explosive, literally, as when the press comes down on them, it creates a system that has these things blowing up and the result is even more intriguing when they play it back to us in slow motion.

From a CO2 canister surrounded by glitter to old school caps and a stack of boxes of matches, these subjects all raise the question as to which is going to create the most visual experience when the object comes to terms with enough pressure to pulverize it to dust.

The video below allows all of the experiments to unfold in slow motion so that you can see exactly how these objects go down along each step of the process.