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Supercar Elevator Serves as Centerpiece at Messi’s Luxury Condo

In today’s world, the possibilities for indulgence seem endless, with no shortage of extravagant ways to spend one’s wealth. For icons like soccer legend Lionel Messi, whose career earnings exceed $1.6 billion, the question arises: what exactly does a billionaire choose to spend their money on?

Enter the Porsche Design Tower in Miami, a true showcase of wealth born from a collaboration between Porsche and Dezer Development in an effort to blend high-end luxury living with a shared passion for automobiles.

Living in an apartment building traditionally challenges car enthusiasts, as not being able to bring prized vehicles can deter them. However, the Porsche Design Tower ingeniously addresses this issue with its revolutionary supercar elevator. This marvel of engineering transports vehicles from the ground floor directly to each resident’s apartment or condo, complete with a personal garage capable of accommodating anywhere from 2 to 11 cars per unit. The units range from a $4.5 million entry-level condo to a $35 million penthouse.

In a captivating video by SupercarBlondie, viewers are granted a glimpse into Messi’s residence, nestled on the 42nd floor of this prestigious tower, which counts as many as 22 billionaires among its occupants. The unit showcases luxury in every detail, boasting the finest amenities, yet undoubtedly, the crowning jewel is the access to the gleaming supercar elevator.

As we embark on this virtual tour of this top-of-the-line extravagance, it’s impossible not to marvel at the meticulous attention to detail and the thoughtful integration of every conceivable comfort and convenience. I guess that’s the privilege that comes with spending that much money.

After immersing yourself in the sheer grandeur showcased in the video below, we invite you to share your impressions of this extraordinary residence. From its breathtaking views to its innovative automotive amenities, the Porsche Design Tower exemplifies a lifestyle where luxury knows no bounds.