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Supercharged + Nitrous Fiero Trolls Everything in the Streets – Sleeper

The concept of the sleeper is one that it is relatively easy to fall in love with depending on who you ask. Who doesn’t enjoy the concept of a car in plain clothes heading out to race and beating up on a variety of vehicles that you would expect to be fast right out of the box and that people have definitely spent a lot of money on with the sticker price?

While the Pontiac Fiero may present itself with a little bit of a sporty appearance, it most certainly isn’t a car that anyone would expect all that much out of performance wise. It just never really cut the mustard as far as keeping up with any sort of competition or even being a good enough seller to stay alive in the market – that’s not to say that we don’t find the appeal in it because we certainly do enjoy many cars of this nature.

In this one, however, we catch up with a Fiero owner who decided that a little engine swap would be a way to bring this underappreciated platform up to speed. With the help of a supercharged V6 from a Pontiac Grand Prix GTP and a small hit of nitrous, this car really comes to life as it smacks the taste out of the mouth of a variety of rides that you would expect to be pretty impressive and reign over the tiny Pontiac.

In this compilation video of sorts, we check out the Pumpkin going up against everything from a brand-new C7 Chevrolet Corvette to a Subaru WRX and even the likes of a couple boosted LS powered vehicles. Even though the car probably doesn’t create massive power, the combination of light weight with that rear engine set up really just works no matter who the competition happens to be.