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Supra Powered Roadster Hits the Salt Flats For Top Speed BLASTS!

When we utter the engine code, “2JZ,” your mind probably goes to one car. In fact, because of the iconic line once uttered by Paul Walker, most of the car community is very familiar with the engine combination and its relationship with the Toyota Supra. Movies aside, though, the engine has proven time and time again that it stands as one of the most valuable performers for very good reasons. All of these years later, the platform is still being appreciated and expanded upon as tuners everywhere get their fingers on the healthy engines.

For those who follow along with viral 2JZ performance, they might look to a shop like Real Street Performance as the leaders in this realm. Many of the cars churned out of the shop are the fastest Supras in the streets and on tracks around the world. However, this time, we take a little bit of a different path to get to ultimate performance. Instead of any sort of streetcar at all, this time, we’re taking the journey off of the beaten path to the Bonneville Salt Flats.

As a racing surface that has become known for its accommodation to speed records, the Bonneville Salt Flats are certainly a place to really go and open up the throttle. This time it’s absolutely no different as we check in with a 3.2L 2JZ engine, PTE 8685 Turbo, and AEM electronics-powered land speed machine that is designed to turn heads rather quickly. In fact, it strives to be the fastest 2JZ powered machine to ever exist.

Long story short, this thing is absolutely flying with Real Street owner, Jay Meagher, behind the wheel and it has muscles that it’s not afraid to flex. By following along with the video below from That Racing Channel, we’re able to really get up close and personal with the car and see what it’s capable of. After watching something like this and listening to the engine scream, we kind of can’t help but want to see some of those Real Street-built Supras out on the salt flats as well!