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Whipple is Turning up the Volume on Your Hellcat With Gen 5 Supercharger

The Hellcat platform, as we know it, is currently one of the best ways to go fast for not a ton of money. In fact, the 707 hp monsters are even competitive with machines that cost much, much more. Long story short, if you hop behind the wheel of something with the Hellcat badge on it, there’s a good chance that not very many machines on the street are going to be more potent than your vehicle.

However, even with that in mind, enthusiasts like ourselves just can’t help but modify these things.

In order to do that, companies like Whipple have stepped to the table with upgraded supercharger replacements to really make a Hellcat scream. Recently, Whipple has decided to drop yet another way to make your Hellcat really turn up the volume.

The company is ready to bring to the table its Gen 5 supercharger system for all vehicles that come with a Hellcat power plant or something similar under the hood. In other words, your Hellcat, Trackhawk, Demon, Redeye, and TRX supercharged applications will be covered.

The blower will be a 3.0L unit that promises what the company calls “insane, never heard of power potential compared to previous supercharger designs.”

Whipple dives into the technical specs, telling us the blower “Uses Whipple’s patent-pending dual-pass, dual intercooler to achieve twice the amount of charge air cooling than any other supercharger system on the market. Couple that with the new 3×4 rotor combination, and the Whipple makes more power than any other positive displacement supercharger available today.”

Within, the unit features biller supercharger rotors that claim to be superior to the cast rotors that one will find in a factory unit that Whipple says could fail with Overspeed. Among the upside in these new rotors, we find a broader RPM range, cooler air charge temperature, and less power consumption than any of the stock offerings.

Last but not least, the unit features a unique 112mm throttle flange with an optional billet throttle body to match.

The kit comes in two stages. Stage 1 is a direct OEM replacement. The unit will use stock fuel rails, injectors, and the throttle body of your choosing, whether it’s an existing aftermarket unit or a factory unit.

Stage 2 will feature the aforementioned billet 112 mm throttle body and -8AN fuel rails. For more details, check it out on Whipple’s site.