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They Surprised Their Dad by Fixing up His ’55 Ford he Didn’t Think Would Run Again

It’s a story that we’ve heard more than once. It’s an unfortunate matter of fact, but sometimes, life simply does not align with our plans. There are times where a wild curveball might be thrown in someone’s direction. This might cause them to have to do a little bit of sacrificing. We can’t always have our cake and eat it too, unfortunately. Sometimes, though, we can get a taste of the icing if we play our cards right.

With sacrifice in mind, losing a passion can be collateral damage. Sometimes, it can be easy to look at this and say “Of course, somebody would give up a dream machine when it came down to their family’s well-being” but the sad truth is that not everybody would.

For this father, however, he would forgo the two-door sports car in favor of a four-door. In time, though, he would learn to love the old Ford. That sedan would attach itself to some memories. That usually ends up being what makes a vehicle worth it. Eventually, though, the car would sit and fall into the need of some TLC.

In the name of bringing back some of that nostalgia, his kids would get to work. They wanted to give dad the joy of driving the 1955 Ford that he never thought would run again. It would all come to fruition on dad’s 99th birthday.

This family was able to do something that most of us motorheads wish that we could do for our dads. Generally, our fathers are the ones who pass on the knowledge and teach us everything we know about cars and a good amount about life too. This is an awesome way to give back.

Check out the video below as the automotive revival is on! When dad is finally behind the wheel of that Ford again, his reaction is priceless. Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life that really make us smile!