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Strangers Surprise Mom By Restoring Her Late Son’s Mustang

Sometimes, when it comes to automobiles, they are a lot more than just a means of transportation. Even past racing a vehicle or having some sort of showpiece, cars and trucks can certainly act as a time capsule of sorts. Within them, we find not only an interior and an engine but also tons of memories. When a vehicle sticks around for a long period of time, we never know what sorts of adventures it might go through.

For Maleeya, the Fox Body Ford Mustang sitting in her driveway is much more than just a car. The vehicle that had fallen into a bit of disrepair had belonged to her son who she lost back in 2006. While it might not be the prettiest car on the block, the foundation was certainly strong enough to begin to build upon. Because of this, Maleeya says that she had received several offers on the car. She simply couldn’t find it within herself the part with the vehicle, though.

Somehow, someway, through the help of a neighbor, the car would eventually end up in a set of hands that could really help Maleeya out. With the help of Late Model Restoration, Jerry Heasley and company would get to work. In an act of nothing other than pure kindness, they would invest the time and effort into bringing the car back to life once again.

It doesn’t seem like Maleeya knew what to think when the kind strangers took her car. However, when she got it back, it would look like new once again. In addition, because it’s her only car, they managed to make it safer and more reliable for her to drive.

The story, showcased in the video below, shows as an act of kindness that could truly inspire us all to go out and good things.

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