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Trucks Dominate List Of Vehicles Most Likely To Make It To 200k Miles, How About 1 Million?

When someone goes out to purchase a vehicle for themselves, there are a lot of criteria to consider. Depending on what the purchase is for, there’s a wide variety of options. For example, someone looking for a pleasure cruiser might pick something like a Chevrolet Corvette. Meanwhile, if a person is looking to go to work, perhaps a Ram truck might be the vehicle to get the job done. However, one characteristic that most people are going to be searching for when purchasing a vehicle is the longevity of said vehicle. After all, nobody wants to be paying for costly repairs or own a vehicle that is going to conk out before the owner gets their dollar’s worth.

Now, in the arena of what vehicles are the best, there are a lot of rumors that get to flying. Some people like their American cars, other people like their Imports. However, with the top list of vehicles to reach 200,000 miles, it doesn’t seem as if that’s a dividing factor. Instead, vehicle type is much more prevalent.

“iSeeCars analyzed over 13.8 million cars sold in 2018 to determine which models have the highest percentage of cars that reached 200,000 miles. The top 14 models identified each have at least 2.2 percent (almost three times the overall average) of their vehicles reach that mileage and include a mix of vehicle types with nine SUVs including a hybrid, three pickup trucks, a sedan, and a minivan.”

When searching the findings of the list, we discover that six of the first seven happen to be SUVs. One would think that the heavy nature of an SUV would be a little bit tougher on parts over the years. However, as it turns out, that just isn’t the case. The Toyota SequoiaChevrolet SuburbanFord ExpeditionGMC Yukon XLToyota 4Runner, and Chevrolet Tahoe all top the list. In seventh, we find the Toyota Highlander which is considered a crossover.

In fact, aside from a couple of spots, SUVs basically dominate the top 20. I guess that this list serves as a piece of evidence that argues that people who prioritize longevity might want to look in the direction of An SUV. For those who are looking for a comprehensive list of the top fourteen vehicles, it can be found here.

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