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Suzuki Hayabusa vs Turbo LSX RX7 on a Mexican Highway

When it comes to going fast, there certainly is no cut and dry method to get up to the level of performance that you want to be at. One of the most beautiful things about the performance community is the fact that you can take just about anything, stuff any engine and power adder combination under the hood, and send it down the street, trying to make it go fast. This time, we check out a unique combination of vehicles as they headed out to a Mexican highway to do a little bit of roll racing. Both of his machines are lightweight with one definitely having a weight advantage over the other but I think it’s safe to say that the heavier of the light machines packs a lot more power as well.

Is this one, we’re able to ride along as we watch a Suzuki Hayabusa go head-to-head with a turbo Mazda RX-7. Oh yeah, did we mention that the Mazda has an LS powerplant under the hood? No matter what way you slice it, both of these rides are insane and would probably make a good addition to just about anyone’s garage. Watching them go head to head is a true treat as these drivers head out to the highway, get their rolling start, and really lay into it as they attempt to show exactly what their vehicles have in this wpic throwdown that has each competitor trying to outdo the other.

If you follow along in the That Racing Channel video below, you’ll be able to see exactly what a battle like this is all about as two different platforms entirely come together in one race that is bound to be a good time. I don’t know how anyone could go into this race and leave with anything but an all-out adrenaline rush that has your blood pumping and your heart pounding fast as you wonder who exactly is going to come out on top here.