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Swapping a Harbor Freight Brand Engine Into a Car

We have seen some really crazy engine swaps happen on the Internet. With this tool of communication, we’re able to get a closer look at all the ridiculousness happening around every corner of the car community. All sorts of one-off swaps would’ve only been accessible to those that would’ve happened to catch them at car meets before but now, it seems like people are even trying out obscure swaps just because they know they have this massive audience available to them. With that in mind, the ridiculousness can definitely get a little bit excessive but we’re loving every minute of it.

In this one, the ridiculous candidate to swap into a car is none other than a small engine from Harbor Freight. The guys behind it all from the Life OD YouTube channel say that this is the go-to engine for creating all sorts of contraptions like go-carts but instead of going down that road, they’re going to attempt to put it into a car. Functionally, this one doesn’t really make all that much sense but just because of that fact, it turns out to be even more magnetic of an experiment. We simply can’t help but watch, tuning our full attention into the video to see what’s going to happen next and if the small engine is going to be able to reach beyond what it’s normally responsible for.

How in the world could somebody take a small Harbor Freight engine and stuff it in a car? Will the engine actually be able to serve any sort of functional purpose? Both of these questions and more can be answered down in the video below as we watch the swap unfold right in front of our eyes. If this video doesn’t give you some bad ideas, we aren’t sure what will!